PeterNalaw Education Foundation

Educating the poor & needy child for nation building

This foundation aims at supporting President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo's agenda of eliminating monetary barrier hindering the Ghanaian child from getting at least, secondary education. 


Peter Nalaw Education foundation aims at supporting the vision of the president of the Republic of Ghana for us as a people to removing the financial obstacle for educating the Ghanaian child. According to the President, the fact that “we have been unable to give all our citizens the education which has enabled the countries of the West and of Asia to thrive is the missing link in our economic development”. 

A larger proportion of Ghanaian children drop out of school annually which is a fault of no theirs. These very school dropouts pour into the streets of the length and breadth of the country and many later form or join bad groups and become the biggest security threat to the Ghanaian community. The future cost and consequences for not investing in the education of these category of students today overrides the cost of investing in their education now.

The president has envisaged that the only surest way Ghana can achieve her sustainable socio-economic development as a country is to invest in education. He has reasoned that education is a necessity, not a choice and it’s about time Ghana rise up to the challenge and take the bull by the horn.

Education is indispensable and one cannot afford to short exchange the future of our young children for any other national developmental plan. It’s in this sense that the role of good Peter Nalaw Education foundation comes into sharp view.

The motive of the foundation is to complement the Ghana government's effort in making sure that no Ghanaian child is denied access to education because of their misfortunes. The priority is to focus on the post-secondary and tertiary students who have met the necessary admission requirements to enter universities, colleges of education and nursing colleges. Its hoped that in few years time, the foundation will be able to extend its support to students far and wide, specifically those outside of Pru Distrct  of the Brong Ahafo Region.  

About Us

Peter Nalaw Education foundation  was established by Peter Nalaw Yatimue, who doubles as the Chairman on September 1, 2016. The Secretariat of the foundation is headquartered in Ajalaja-Beposo, a Suburb of Prang in the Brong Ahafo of Ghana. Amongst the various reasons, the purpose of the foundation is to create an equal opportunity for the underprivileged and the poor children who cannot afford education, especially post-secondary or tertiary education due to 'cost'. 

The focus is to remove the monetary barrier, and thus provide a level plan ground for every child of school going age to have access to education. This will help bridge the gap between the poor and the rich, where the former can unearth their potentials and achieve their dreams. Majority of the children under school going age drop out of school or do not go to school in the very first place due to financial constraints. 

The foundation identifies and help these category of students by providing alternative funding opportunities for them at all levels of education to the first degree level. Eligibility for funding is based on need and exigency of the situation, regardless of background.


No society can ever develop beyond the quality of Education of its citizenry, and so educating every child cannot be  dispensed with. In essence, education is the most single best legacy any society can bequeath to her citizenry. It make no sense to neglect some section of innocent children  uneducated, or deny them access to education on grounds of their  misfortunes - either because their parents are poor or due to disability. Peter Nalaw Education Foundation believes that every child deserves to be educated irrespective of their ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds. Therefore, the foundation is committed to eliminating any financial barrier that have denied a good number of innocent young boys and girls in Pru Dsitrict and its environs access to education.

The foundation offers support and alternative funding opportunities to the poor, vulnerable, underprivileged and the needy to have equal access to education as the rich. The beneficiary students are advised to make good use of the opportunity provided and study hard and pass their exams with good grades to see them to the next levels of education. Financial and social support are welcomed from Parents, opinion leaders, religious bodies, non- governmental organisations and all and sundry so that we can groom our children for tomorrow. 

It's my earnest expectation that investing in the education of the poor and the underprivileged would help bridge the widened gap between the poor and the rich so that extreme poverty, diseases and ignorance can be drastically reduced if not totally eliminated amongst our people. 

Peter Nalaw Yatimue - Founder & Chairman


To remove the financial barrier and provide equal access for the poor to education.


Peter Nalaw Education foundation seeks to serve the poor, the marginalised and the underprivileged in the society by eliminating the financial barrier to education. 

Strategic Goals

To be the leading education foundation in Ghana in the next 25 years, providing  funding and other opportunities, including but not limited to scholarships, , stipends, grants and bursaries to the poor and the needy students of the community and beyond.

To provide career links to graduates who have come out of schools and are ready to look for jobs in the labour market. Graduates are  linked  to industries where their expertise are required on completion of their studies

To offer free career counselling/guidance services to its beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries.

To provide free advice on course selection and placement to the Secondary and the tertiary students.

To champion course for girl child education and child labour within the environs of Pru district and beyond 

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