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Sources of Funding

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The foundation seeks to generate funding and support from various angles, including personal donations from individuals, contributions from religious and civil societies, donations from Not for profit organisations (NGO's), support from the local government, support from the expatriates, donor agencies and annual fundraisings. The foundation will also invest its limited capital into profitable ventures so that it can internally generate funds without having to wait for the support from outside or overly on donor support. The board of trustees would hold periodic meetings to discuss the financial matters of the foundation so that money does not become a limiting factor for the operation of the foundation.

Events and Activities

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1. Annual Fundraising: The foundation organises annual fundraising activity every first day of September each year to generate money to help pay for the school fees and other related cost for the students who have obtained admissions to tertiary institutions - the Universities, Polytechnics, Nursing and Midwifery Colleges and the Colleges of education. 2. Annual Education Tour: There shall be yearly education tour where students would be sponsored to travel outside the country on educational visits to places of interest where they will have the opportunity to see and interact experts and top-level leaders who will speak to them on various issues. The purpose of educational tour is aimed at giving opportunity for the students to develop and make links with the outside bodies where they can even have access to gain sponsorship to study outside of the country. 3. Annual Exhibition competition and Awards: The annual exhibition shall include quiz competitions in various fields and the winners shall be rewarded both in financial terms and certificates There shall be displays of students' work, speeches from the students to educate the public on the benefit they have derived from the foundation. Dignitaries shall be invited from all walk of life to give speeches that would motivate and encourage the students to take the opportunity given to them and study hard to become responsible students to give back to the society as it has been given to them. 3. Annual Games Competition: There shall be annual events for games and sports where various stages of education students shall compete in games and sports amongst themselves. There shall also be competition between the foundation students and outside bodies or those students from outside the Pru District. The purpose is to advertise and market the activities of the foundation to the public.

Champion and Support the Fight against Child Labour & ChildTrafficking

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Child Labour and Child Trafficking are two global phenomena that are fast eaten deep into the societal and moral fabrics, especially in the developing world. This foundation has taken it upon itself to lead a crusade against Child Labour and Child Trafficking within the environs of the Pru district and beyond where the predominant occupations are farming and fishing. Most Children of school going age are forced or compelled by circumstances to engage in child labour to either fend for themselves or the parents, whichever is necessary. Significant number of other students are trafficked, especially to places in the middle east and Libya where they are often subjected to all forms of abuses and atrocities that deprives them of their fundal human rights. The foundation would form a strong collaboration with other pressure groups and not for profit organisations to identify these categories of young girls and boys and enrol them in schools of their choices.

Support for Girl Education

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The foundation seeks to champion the girl child education, especially in the rural areas where girl child do not equal opportunity to attend school. The rural folks seems to have long held stereotyping and misconception that educating a girl child is not worth it. they argue that a woman's role is in the kitchen. It's envisaged that helping the girl child in these communities is one surest way to arrest poverty, reduce child labour, child prostitution and early marriages among others. The initiative is also aimed at reducing early and unwanted pregnancies among teenagers, reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as the deadly HIV/AIDS. In addition, educating the girl child would be a leading step to reducing maternal and infant mortality. The intention is that educated girls would be well informed about basic health and safety measures and adopt good family planning methods to improve their health. Girl child education is also a pre-requisite to building a decent society and responsible citizens.

School and Course selection and Placment

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This foundation seeks to offer advisory support to students who may have difficulties in school and course selection. Peter Nalaw Education Foundation engages experts and educationist who have grounded experience in education across the spectrum of the entire country who offer free counselling or advise to students to make informed decisions in line with their academic potentials, interest and labour market demands. There is always a challenge for many students who in choosing the right courses that meet their potentials and personal aspirations. Similarly, some students may want to pursue courses that have no potential prospects in the labour market or are of no relevance to the socioeconomic development of the country. Majority of students pursue some courses that harm their future for life. Bearing this in mind, the foundation comes in to provide and make suggestions to students in line with the global labour market trend and the local labour condtions in the country. This help students to offer courses that they may perceive as to difficult, especially science and technology related courses. Some also hold wrong perception that technical and vocational education are preserve for the low achievers and would avoid them, regardless of their potentials to succed in those two areas. The counselling and advice expose the students to a variety of options and their career paths but the students are given their right to make their own choces based the options are available to them.


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1. SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships are offered to needy, poor and deserving students whose education could have been otherwise be terminated due to financial barriers. The scholarships are offered solely on merits, regardless of religion, political affiliation of parents and/or students and ethnic origin. Priority is given to Post Secondary orTertiary studensts due to the current introduciton of the FREE Senior Secondary School Education at the Secondary school by the government of Ghana. 2. GRANTS Limited number of grants are available to support students who are facing financial needs at the various levels of education; Primary, secondary and tertiary respectively. 3. BURSARIES Bursaries are available to a certain category of students who may be eligible to additional financial support. Eligible students include those with disabilities ( the blind, the deaf and the physically challenged) and the orphans.